By | December 6, 2020

8th December 2020 7.30pm
AGM 2020 presented over Zoom link sent from Charlie Lee to all who have given their email address.


Apologies of absence

Minutes of the 2019 AGM

Matters arising from 2019

Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Training Officer’s Report

Membership Secretary’s Report

Chairman’s Report


Proposal from the Treasurer – All membership fees to remain unchanged as below

Membership fees 2021

BMFA No increase £38 for 2021

KADMAC full member £40.00 for 2021

Junior Member under 21 £5.00 + BMFA £18

Social Member Non Flying £11.00

Associate member £5

Joining Fee £ 18.00 Juniors Free

Proposals from Members

I wish to propose an amendment to Constitution item 21a to read as follows –


“21a. The Committee are authorized to carry out negotiations and make decisions in the interest of the club or on behalf of the membership where necessary without consulting the members. Approval from the membership at an OGM must be sought for expenditure greater than 8% of the previous year’s subscription income.”


Reason, this automatically accommodates future variations in the size of the KADMAC membership and its turnover. Last time I checked 8% was about the same as £500.

There are no seconders on this email but maybe other committee members might be willing.


Denis W. Oglesby

  1. Due to the restrictions caused by CV19 I would imagine that some members have not flown during 2020 due to Shielding restrictions and associated health issues. I think the club should extend the membership until March 2021 for existing members and then charge 3/4 rate for the rest of the year.

Stuart Cann 

Nomination and selection for the following committee positions: –

Chairman / Membership Secretary / Treasurer


Time permitting an OGM / free discussion after the completion of the AGM