Article 16 authorisation

By | January 4, 2021
As advised in previous communications the regulations for model aircraft and drone flying for BMFA members has changed and we can now operate under an Article 16 authorisation which you should read up on at:
The Article 16 authorisation essentially means we are able to continue flying largely as we have been doing previously. There is however a small change regarding remote pilot competence for BMFA members as follows:
From 1st January any remote pilot of a free flight or radio controlled model aircraft or drone of mass greater than 250gm that is operating in accordance with our Article 16 authorisation must demonstrate a suitable level of pilot competence by one of the following 3 methods.
Have a valid BMFA Registration Competency Certificate (RCC)
Passing the CAA online DMARES test and having a ‘Flyer ID’
Have a BMFA Achievement Certificate that was obtained before 31/12/2020 and confirming to the BMFA that they have read and understood the conditions and restrictions that apply when operating within our Article 16 authorisation. (N.B. Certificates gained after 31/12/2020 cannot be used)
Taking the Registration Competency Certificate at:
Is an excellent way of ensuring you are familiar with the Article 16 authorisation and we recommend all members use this as their demonstration of competency, the questions are much more relevant to the activities of BMFA members than the CAA online DMARES test questions.
From 5pm today we will be adding a check box to our membership portal at for you to indicate you have read and understood the Article 16 authorisation.
We recommend all members log in to the portal to indicate they have read and understood the authorisation from that point. Please note you are required to do so if you are relying on a BMFA Achievement Scheme certificate obtained before 31/12/2020 as proof of competency.