KADMAC Clubman Aerobatic Event.

This event is set up for you to prove your ability as a top clubman flyer, you will see from the flying schedule it’s a very basic schedule which we will all have flown many times before.

We will start off the event with a draw to select your flying order, please note entries will be taken up to 45 minutes after the start time, but you will be last to fly.


KADMAC Aerobatic Clubman flight schedule


RoG & 1 Circuit 5 points

1 Flat 8 & 1 Circuit 5 points

1 Loop (3 loops for 1 extra bonus) & 1 Circuit 5 points

1 360 deg Roll up wind 5 points

1 Stall turn   5 Points

1 360 deg Roll down wind 5 points

1 Immelman turn  or half cuban 8    5 points

1 Circuit &  Land 5 points.


Each manoeuvre set is awarded 5 points

1 for attempt.

2 for positioning relative to the centre of the flight box.

2 for correct execution.

1 bonus for 3 loop manoeuvre.