KADMAC Clubman Aerobatic Event.

This competition will be open to all aircraft with a minimum take off weight (including batteries or fuel) of not less than 1Kg. all aircraft must be capable of an unassisted take off. Aircraft eligibility is at the competition director’s discretion and their decision will be final.

The KADMAC aerobatic competition is being held on the 12 September.

Please be on the moor no later than 10AM to assemble models and check fail-safes. Pilots briefing and slot draw at 10.15.

Aircraft to be 1kg min weight & expected to use the recognised flying area for manoeuvres.

A battery change or refuel is allowed.


  • Take off into wind and complete a circuit overflying the take off point.
  • Position for a figure of eight and carry out manoeuvre.
  • Position for 1 or 3 loops in front of the pilot box.
  • Position for one 360deg roll upwind followed by a stall turn and ending with a 360deg roll downwind.
  • Position for an Immelmann turn and carry out manoeuvre.
  • Finish with a circuit and landing.
  • Immelmann turn is a flight into wind leading into a half loop with a half roll to level flight on exit.


  • Take off and circuit 5 points.
  • Figure of eight 5 points.
  • Loop, 5 points plus 1 extra for three loops.
  • 5 points each for the rolls & stall turn.
  • Immelmann turn 5 points.
  • Circuit & landing 5 points.

The above may seem daunting at first glance but Mark Redsell will do a demonstration flight.

Please remember this is a fun competition and usually accompanied by lots of banter so come and have a try even if you don’t attempt all the manoeuvres.

Finally the KADMAC chuck wagon will be there serving bacon sausage & egg sarnies plus tea & coffee after the competition. Anyone requiring veggie alternatives  please let me know how many asap.

We are trying to be eco friendly so could everyone bring their own pot please.