KADMAC Welfare

KADMAC Welfare Policy

The care of children and vulnerable adults is something that all, public or private organizations, associations and clubs have a responsibility to, even if that policy is to not allow junior or vulnerable adults to become members, this is a very short sighted option and defiantly not one for this club. We have adopted for a policy called parental control.

Parental control policy.

This is an option that many clubs find useful, all it means is that any junior member can only attend KADMAC meetings and flying site when accompanied by a parent, guardian or, someone who has the written authority to bring the child to the field and supervise them.

Along with this we have several members of this club who are DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) approved who will oversee kadmac events where children and vulnerable adults may attend.

Any member wishing to under go DBS can do so free of charge, please contact the Club sectary or the BMFA Office for an application form.

If you do have a criminal record please remember 1 in 3 adult males do have, don’t be put off, the vast majority of the offences on record have no bearing on an individual’s suitability.

Welfare officer development

The full BMFA policy which I’m using as a guide, calls for the appointment of a Club Welfare Officer along with mandatory training for such persons. However, as most of the training will be done locally, it may be that it will be available to and useful for other members as well.

Relevant training courses are available locally through Sports Coach UK.


Vulnerable adults

With an ageing population one thing we must not forget is our older members, some of whom have been members and looked after this club for many decades. Our care for these members must also extend to anyone with a disability, if you need help in anyway or know someone who does need help please have a quiet word with the welfare Officer or a committee member. Don’t think your wasting your time, if we know we will help, even if we need to go outside of the club for funding.


What we must make clear is that if you feel there is or has been some kind of abuse to anyone associated with this club, please feel that you can report it to the Welfare officer in the strictest of confidence, and that we will get it independently investigated if needed.  Allowing someone knowingly to be mistreated can’t be acceptable.