The story so far.


KADMAC history records

If you can shed some light on the 80 year history of our club or have some great stories please let me know, whether you email me a few words or drop them onto a piece of paper or may be you would just like to chat about it, that would also be fine as well.

If you have any old photos depicting events and modelling activities within KADMAC, please will you allow us to borrow them so that they can be scanned and added to a digital record and the website.



The first available recorded minutes are dated 28th September 1976 at The Guide Inn although there is a newspaper cutting stating that Kadmac has been flying on Harden Moor since 1935.

The first meeting was chaired by Mr P Redman,Treasurer was Mr R Horrell,P.R.O. was Mr J Mc Alroy and clubman Mr B Pickles.

Subs were set at £2 for adults and £1 for juniors ( under 16years)

The first committee meeting was held at the Guide Inn on 4th of October 1976.The committee was extended to include a secretary , a membership secretary and a Liason officer.

The first secretary was Mr E Boyle.

There was a discussion on approaching  The Wharfedale club with a view to sharing Harden Moor flying site.

Club Meeting 12th October 1976

Mr A Stanovitch was voted Membership secretary

Mr L Dean liason officer

The club emblem suggested by Mr R Horrell was accepted

Committee meeting 16th November 1976

Wharfedale club accepted in principal the idea of joint use of Harden Moor

Club Meeting 6th March 1977

Mr J Mc Alroy resigned and Mr B Pickles took over P.R.O.

Fifth Committee Meeting ( no date)

1st mention of Mini Goodyear Comp

The  chuck Glider comp

Sport R.C. comp

A.G.M.set for14th Oct 1977at Keighley Tech

A constitution is to be drawn up

Position of Liason officer to be dropped

1977 A.G.M.

Mrs A Pickles appointed as secretary

Subs changed to adults £3 Juniors £1


Club meeting 1st November 1977

Constitution approved

June 11th date for Wings 78 comp

Mr Stan Parkinton appointed as S.M.A.E delegate

Second A.G.M.20thOct 1978at Keighley Tech

New subs senior £4 junior £1 joining fee £1

Club Meeting 7th November 78

Pegboard in operation

Club Meeting 1st May 1979

Mr Mc Dermot Rowe elected as secretary

3rd A .G . M  October 19th 1979

Election of Officers

Chairman Mr P Redman

Treasurer Mr R Horrell

Secretary Mr H McDermott Row

P.R.O. Vacant

Wharfedale Rep Mr A Reynard

Club meeting 4th March 1980

Purchase of 1st mower and noise meter

4th A.G.M. 29th October 1980

Officers now

Chairman Mr H Gibson

Secretary Mr H Mc Dermott Rowe

Treasurer Mr B White

Junior Delegate Alan Owen

P.R.O. Mr E Jordan

Subs senior 5 junior £1

Membership 61 Senior and 13 Junior members

Club Meeting 5th May 1981

First mention of fun fly comp

Extra ordinary meeting 6th July 1981

I.C.Power flying restrictions to flying hours

Wednesday 12pm to 9 pm

Saturday 12pm to 6 pm

Sunday 9am to 1 pm

Control line flying mon/thurs 12pm to 9 pm

Club Meeting 1st Sept 1981

Nationals Mini Goodyear comp

S Robinson and A Radcliffe 2nd place

5th A.G.M. 1981

Committee election

Chairman Mr H Gibson

Secretary Mr M Wright

Treasurer Mr B White

P.R.O. Mr E Jordan

Junior Deligate H Lobley

Control line delegate Mr S Robinson

Club Meeting 6th June 1982

1st meeting held at Royal British Legion Club Haworth

6th A.G.M. 5th Oct 1982

Election of Officers

Chairman Mr R Horrell

Treasurer  Mr B Pickles

P.R.O. Mr P Redman

Newsletter editor Mr S Morris

8th A.G.M. 4th Dec 1984

Election of Officers

Chairman Mr R Horrell

Treasurer Mr B Pickles

Secretary Mr A Sykes

Newsletter editor Mr H Mc Dermott Rowe

Northern Area Delegate Mr W Wright

Subs £7 /£11 with S.M.A.E.

10th A.G.M.2nd December 1986

Chairman  R Horrell

Treasurer Mr B Pickles

Membership Secretary/Vice Chairman Mr J Scarth

Clubmen Posts

Mr S Morris

Mr N Shelley

Mr P Garbutt

Mr N Nicholls

Mr T Snell

Sunday 20th August 1994

Mr Mick Banks Flight of the Phoenix success Trawden to Harden Moor raised over £2800 for charity

15th April Peter Shackleton awarded B.M.F.A. B Test

July 1998 Club Meeting

Peter Harvey awarded B.M.F.A. B test


Election of Officers

Chairman Mr M Banks

Membership Sec/Vice Chairman Mr H Waddington

July 2000

Mr P Harvey organised British Pylon Racing

Committee meeting 14th August 2001

New members must take A test before flying solo

2002 Nationals

Mr Peter Harvey BMFA Nationals Pylon Race SP40 1st place

23rd October 2002

KADMAC Donated £1142 to Air Ambulance


First website was set up

2008 AGM

New logo adopted

2011 AGM

It was voted to became an affiliate club within the British Model Aircraft Association with the dual aim of furthering the progress of KADMAC and its members as well as furthering aero modelling as a whole.

Peter and Joe Harvey represented the UK as part of British F3D pylon race team in Australia, finishing 30th out of 60 pilots and in the highest placed British Team for over 30 years in 5th place. Click Here view one of their races


A new website was set up


Election of Officers

Chairman Mr P Harvey

Treasurer Mr B Pickles

Secretary Mr H Mansley

Membership Secretary Mr H Waddington

Training Officer Mr C Lee

Subs £31 plus BMFA £33

June 2016

20th-21st KADMAC 24hr Charity Challenge. Raising £9000 for Martin House Children’s Hospice.

Click Here to view video of 24hrcc

2016 AGM

Adoption of a completely new constitution


Election of Officers

Chairman Mr P Harvey

Treasurer Mr B Piickles – Mr C Lee

Secretary Mr H Mansley

Membership Secretary Mr H Waddington

Training Officer Mr C Lee

Subs £33 plus BMFA £33

Loss of Barrie Pickles Club treasurer and KADMAC member No1, funeral took place at Oakworth Crematorium on Monday the 3rd April

Loss of Howard Mansley Club Sectary. Funeral took place at Eland Crematorium on Wednesday 3rd August.