Electric fixed wing

KADMAC Electric fixed wing competition


This event devised by Harry Waddington, has to be the most basic R/C contests ever, please don’t read that as simple.


The event starts at the point of wheels lifting off the ground or hand launch, at this point a stop watch starts and you are given 90 seconds to fly circuits and gaining a height of your choice. At 90 seconds your timer will instruct you to cut your motor and you have to workout your glide back to the strip and land with a total flight time of 2 minutes, on a marker placed in the middle of the strip.




Penalty points are picked up by landing before or after the 2 minute total flight time one point is given for every second over or under.


Penalty points are also given for landing short or over shooting the marker in the middle of strip, 1 point for every foot up to a maximum of 20.


Very simple in principle, but to achieve a 0 (lowest score wins) requires a good knowledge of the glide of the plane your flying and a good head at counting time.


Good luck and I will see at the next one.