KADMAC Solo Questions

Achievement scheme Questions


For KADMAC – Solo


1)      What does Article 138 of the Air Navigation Order state?

1a A person shall not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property.

2)     What type of propellers should never be used?

2a Broken, damaged or metal.

3)     In which direction should a model never be flown?

3a Towards spectators or the pits.

4)     At Harden Moor what is the maximum distance a model can be flown from the centre of the strip?

4a 300 Meters

5)     When should a range check be done on R/C equipment?

5a New installation or after any repair has been made

6)     What pre-flying session checks should be made?

6a Check airframe for transit damage

Check that servos and linkages are secure

Check that undercarriage and fixing are secure

Check propeller for damage and secure fixing

7)     What checks should be made before every flight?

7a Frequency clear

TX on RX on

Check control surfaces for correct trim positions and move in the correct sense

Check for jittery or glitching servos

Check  engine setting with the nose of the model pointing up

Check flying surfaces engine at full throttle

8)     What checks should be made after every flight?

8a RX off TX off

Clear frequency control system

Clean aircraft down

Check propeller, airframe, under carriage and control surfaces for security.

9)     What form of frequency control is in use?

9a Peg board.

10)  What restrictions are placed on taxiing models?

10a Never taxi in or out of the pits.