Harden Moor reopening

By | November 29, 2020

On the Wednesday 2nd December Harden Moor will be back open for flying to take place, with a limit of 6 on the field at any one time.

This means if you turn up and there are 6 already on the field, you will have to wait. If your on the field and someone is waiting please be considerate and organize a rotation between your self’s to allow all to have a fly.

Also at all times social distancing of 2m must be observed.

Can we also ask you to let us know when you have been up there, ether by leaving leaving a message on here, emailing a committee member or give one of us a quick call/text so that we can manage track & trace.

Final point is that the bridleway gate club lock has been removed and currently has a combination lock in its place,  to allow the phone mast engineers who are working on the mast in and out.  Also please ensure that they have enough space to complete their tasks asap.

For the combination please check your email in the next few days.